Squirrel ‘with very large breasts’ drives Japanese social media wild

Japanese social media users have fallen in love with a squirrel spotted at an animal park in Tokyo, thanks to its curvaceous anatomy.

A Twitter user shared a photograph of the squirrel, branding it ‘incredibly sexy’, as it appeared to be squeezing its own fluffy bosom.

The joke was well received, with the photograph being shared by more than 45,000 other users.

The photo, posted by user ‘boblim1204’, sparked thousands of replies from ‘squirrel fans’.

Some users declared that ‘boblim1204’ had managed to find the real-life Clarice: the love interest of Disney’s Chip and Dale.

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‘Sexy squirrel’: Twitter users in Japan have gone wild for this photo of a squirrel appearing to have a sizable pair of breasts

The zoo in Inokashira Park is known for its squirrel garden, and the animal is also its mascot.

It specialises in species native to Japan, including birds, raccoons, monkeys as well as indigenous squirrels.

The Japanese squirrel is a threatened species, and has completely disappeared on the island of Kyūshū.

The decrease in population has mainly been caused by deforestation, carried out by humans.

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