Islamist extremists opened fire on the French embassy and the army headquarters in separate attacks in Burkina Faso’s capital today, killing at least seven soldiers, while eight of the militants died.

Many others were wounded among the security forces and it was feared that the death toll could rise, said Communications Minister Remy Danjuinou.

Five emergency centres were set up in Ouagadougou to treat the high number of casualties in the former French colony.

It was not clear whether more militants were involved in the violence, which was labelled a terrorist attack by police director-general Jean Bosco Kienou and French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. There was no claim of responsibility.

Gunfire and explosions resounded for hours but subsided by midday. Workers fled offices near the site of the violence and helicopters were seen above the embassy.

Witnesses at the state television offices facing the embassy said five attackers had arrived in a pick-up truck and started shooting after shouting: “Allahu akhbar.” They then set fire to the truck and continued shooting.

source: Morning star

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