Ahmed Lawan, senate leader, says the meeting between All Progressives Congress (APC) senators and the national working committee (NWC) reviewed happenings in the party across the country.

John Oyegun, national chairman of the APC, led a delegation of NWC members to the senate on Wednesday.

Speaking with journalists after the three-hour meeting, Lawan said the APC would set up a committee comprising of members of both the executive and legislature to address issues “bedevilling” the party.

The senate leader said politicians are bound to have disagreements but the party is making attempts to reduce them to a minimum.

He said the meeting discussed the need for APC members to be committed to the party’s change mantra.

“The purpose of that meeting was to review the happenings in the party across the country at all levels of government. We as members of the national assembly would remain and continue to be committed to ensuring that we continue to support the change agenda of this current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari,” Lawan said.

“The party would soon constitute a team that would comprise of the executive, legislature, the party itself and the representation from our governors, up to 24 of them or more, with Ekiti coming to the kitty. So we are very happy as a caucus that the interaction was worthwhile and I am sure the party was also glad to be here with us this afternoon.

“When you have everybody on the same page then you will reduce the level of misunderstanding to the bearest level even if we, as politicians, from time to time we have disagreements but such disagreements should not be allowed to become a cog in the wheel of progress.

“The idea of bringing everyone to the table is that everyone should be on the same page, at party level, at national assembly so that all times should there be [no] issue. Whether it is from the executive side or on the legislature.

“The discussion centred on so many things including that [election sequence]. We are coming to a situation where that can be resolved as soon as the caucus is constituted… this kind of issue can easily be addressed. This is our government. We shouldn’t be fighting dirty in the public. We should be able to deal with it inside our rooms or house.”

He said there is no political party that does not have issues and what makes the difference is the manner in which they are handled.

Source: TheCable

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