According to the Ethiopia’s Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa.

The State of Emergency forbids any action in breach of the constitution and constitutional order, or activities that erode tolerance and unity of the people as well as having link with and providing support for terrorist organizations.

It also prohibits obstructing transport services, carrying out attacks on infrastructures and development institutions, hampering activities of law enforcement bodies, and staging unauthorized demonstrations and meetings.

It also forbids hindering teaching learning process at schools, strike at sport fields, violence inciting actions, hindering distributions of basic goods as well as obstructing cultural, public and religious festivals. It also forbids promoting political agendas.

Possessing firearm at public areas or transferring firearms to third party as well as providing support to activities which affect the peace and wellbeing of the people are also prohibited by the State of Emergency.

The decree also prohibits issuing statement on security matters without the permission of the Command Post, distributing erroneous and information which contradict with the law and the directives issued by the Command Post. It also forbids carrying weapons in unauthorized regions.

The State of Emergency also prohibits movement of any individual around infrastructures, investment areas and other related places within the time put under curfew by the Command Post.

Security officers are authorized to take measure against an individual if found in breach of the curfew.

Source: Fanabc

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