Question By Fola Adekeye:

Chief Obasanjo established EFCC to fight corruption.

Dr. Jonathan introduced BVN to fight corruption.

What has Gen. Buhari introduced to fight corruption?


Answer By Azeez Olaitan:

President Buhari introduced whistleblowing initiative. Under two years, in just one revelation, it recovered $43,449,947, £27,800 and N23,218,000 and final forfeiture of a flat worth $1.658m; do the math. That is more than what Jonathan recovered, if any, from corruption in his five years.

Fighting corruption is not just by number of institutions, but efficiency of the available ones.

– EFCC – It has prosecuted and won more cases in the last two years than they did since OBJ establish it. It has recovered more stolen monies in the last two years than it ever did since it was formed. EFCC has been more efficient and live up to its duties in the last two years under Buhari than ever, which is confirmed by the former head of the agency. Nuhu Ribadu said and i quote; “If previous administrations had the political will to fight corruption, it would not have become endemic. EFCC, under the current leadership now have the most vital tool needed in this war, namely political will.”

– BVN – Jonathan’s government established BVN but was never enforced, despite having ample time to do so, that is not a record anyone should be proud of. Intentions are nice, but ultimately intentions don’t really matter, it is action that does. BVN, under President Buhari had eliminated ghost workers and reduced waste, thereby saving the nation N20 billion monthly. The consolidation of 20,000 accounts (TSA) had saved the nation N4.7 billion, that is N24.7bn every month in the last two years; do the maths again. Not to talk of future savings. I know skeptics would want to argue the figure but no one can deny that Jonathan’s BVN which gave us ZERO cannot be compared to Buhari’s BVN that had saved billions.

Yes corrupts elements are not being thrown behind jail has anticipated, but in the two years of Buhari, the nation witnessed the retrieval of corrupt proceeds like never seen before since 1999. Corruption fighting agencies have also be strenghtened like no one ever did, not even Obasanjo that set it up; this is confirmed by Nuhu Ribadu, and who is better placed to comment on EFCC than someone who was once the head of that agency.

Everything i wrote are verifiable facts. But talks are cheap facts are sacred.

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