Job scam is rampant these days and many people have fallen victims of such. It is therefore not unusual to see job seekers lamenting about being duped. Some steps will be highlighted to prevent you from being a victim of this scam.

Before you apply for a job vacancy, you need to note these following things;

  • Were the roles expressly stated .
  • Is there a degree or qualification attached to the job position.
  • Is the company’s email with an official domain name or just yahoo (a standard company should have a domain name)

Kindly research about the company and do a background study. Don’t let the frustration of unemployment push  or rush you to apply without first knowing about the organisation.

When you receive and invitation for a job Interview, these are certain things to note;

  1. Did you apply for the job (Don’t start shouting and giving praise of a miracle jon. It could be a job scam).
  2. Is the job position you applied for stated. A good HR will state the role you applied for in the email. Most times you will receive a call from the HR to confirm your availability for a proposed date before an invite will be forwarded to your email.
  3. Find out if the address on the official website of the organisation tally with the one stated in the invite ( You can never be too careful). Find out!
  4. At the end of the email, is the HR name stated with the phone number(s) you can reach him/her on.
  5. Put a call through if you were alled by the HR after reeiving the email to confirm (You can do no harm). Most HR understand. Lastly, Don’t pay anyone to get you a job. Don’t  pay! No employer will request that you pay to be employed. Beware! Even if your were referred to someone who gets people a job, don’t pay!

There is no harm in finding out information from an employee/past employee of the organisation. Noharm at all!

Please don’t go to the organisation to start asking the staff about their company. It’s not proper

Be smart and also be street smart. Don’t fall victim of job scam.

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