The narrative:

10 Fulani herdsmen invaded Chief Falae’s farm. The farm is a 40-hectare palm oil and cassava plantation. They completely destroyed the farmland. After destroying it, they set it ablaze. The raging fire alerted and drew the attention of security guards on the farm. The herdsmen escaped before being apprehended by the guards.


  • 40 hectares means 100 acres of land. How many ‘minutes’ did it take the 10 herdsmen to destroy a 100-acre farmland of palm oil without the guards being aware? Those who comprehend the enormity of 100 acres will understand this query.
  • What did the 10 herdsmen use to destroy the 100-acre farmland; bulldozers, AK-47, hoes and cutlasses or barehand?
  • How did they know the farm was first destroyed before it was set on fire? After all, fire should have erased all the traces of destruction.
  • We all know the structure of a palm oil farmland; it takes hours before such can be totally set ablaze. Where were the guards within such hours?
  • How did the 10 herdsmen enter the farmland without drawing the attention of the guards? Where were the guards at the time of invasion?
  • Lastly, according to Ondo State Police PRO, Femi Joseph, investigation is on on the actual cause of the inferno, as the cause of the fire can traced to several sources.

I have read many news sources. All their explanations were premised on conjecture. None of the sources was able to substantiate its claim that the farm was set ablaze by any ‘marauding Fulani herdsmen’. If there’s any, kindly share it here.

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