‘We have never been intimate’: Meet the ‘Sugar Baby’ student, 19, paid $1,000 per WEEK by her wealthy older ‘Sugar Daddy

As the cost of living climbs, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to make ends meet, let alone afford the occasional splurge.

It’s little surprise then that more young women are being tempted by ‘Sugar Daddies’ who can fund those luxury items and more.

One woman who has taken that plunge is Sydney-based Gemma, a 19-year-old Sugar Baby whose Sugar Daddy, 38, showers her with gifts and gives her a weekly ‘allowance’ of $1,000.

In exchange for this, they meet up once a month and have the occasional phone call.

‘He lives interstate, so our relationship exists predominantly over the phone – I’ve never been intimate with him,’ she said

She said that when he visits they will go out for coffee or lunch or he will take her on a shopping spree.

When they go shopping he buys her anything that makes her gaze linger, such as designer clothes and bags, or designer shoes.

‘At first it was really hard for me to get used to getting all these gifts! He used to make me send him a ‘wish list’ of things that I wanted, so he could surprise me with a couple of them when he came here,’ Gemma said.

‘We get along really well and hold great conversations. After our first meeting, he started gifting me $1,000 a week to help maintain my lifestyle, even though he is far away.’

The 19-year-old architecture student has a passion for designer fashion and good food, so this arrangement suits her well.

Gemma said that she never expected him to support her financially in our relationship but explained that her Sugar Daddy ‘is very generous’.

‘I don’t have a lot of daily expenses, so honestly, I use it to buy nice things for myself and friends. I also save a considerable amount of it,’ she said.

The university student said that she’s only told a few close friends about her lifestyle, as many make assumptions about what such an arrangement would involve.

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